PhD Program

The three CAML members provide an ideal ecosystem for pre and post-graduate training rooted in internationally recognized biomedical research, education and patient care activities.

  • PhD Program

The CAML PhD program – is a CAML flagship project designed to provide excellent doctoral training in the biomedical sciences. Students from different areas of the life sciences including, medicine, biology, pharmacy, biochemistry and others are selected every year and engage in a training program composed of courses, scientific lectures and workshops.

The scientific board of the CAML PhD program is composed by representatives of the three branches of CAML.
The CAML PhD program has currently 56 doctoral candidates in the medicine branch, 136 in the biomedical sciences branch and 26 in the health sciences and technologies branch. The number of CAML PhD vivas in Medicine and Biomedicine has been steadily increasing, with 139 PhD theses finished over the last 5 years.