Pre-Graduate Degrees

The three CAML members provide an ideal ecosystem for pre and post-graduate training rooted in internationally recognized biomedical research, education and patient care activities.

  • Integrated Master in Medicine

The main goal of this program is to train medical doctors so that they acquire solid scientific training, practical skills and professional attitude, through a teaching program designed to foster learning the scientific foundations and development of skills in doctor-patient communication, and in the perception of the personal, family and social dimension of the disease and its implications. It is of outmost importance to integrate fundamental knowledge to solve clinical problems and reinforce the scientific aspects of Clinical Medicine.

These are enhanced by FMUL’s participation in the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre, within the framework of an integrated organization model of teaching, research and health service provision.

  • Degree in Nutrition Sciences

To offer consistent training with solid and complete foundations, supported by practice and scientific translational and clinical research.

To train nutritionists through the acquisition of skills in a wide range of areas, channelling their action to safeguard human health.

To convey skills in key areas of expertise: Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition and Public Health, and Collective Food and Catering, but also related to sports, industry and food development, research and teaching.

To contribute to the academic training of nutritionists by means of specific and specialized know-how, through the joint work of the Faculties of Medicine (coordination), Human Kinetics and Pharmacy, which are reference institutions in the field of Health Sciences.

Professional Opportunities
The skills acquired will enable training nutritionists of excellence, able to respond to the needs of today’s society, qualified to practice in the areas of food and human nutrition, clinical nutrition, community nutrition and public health, collective food and catering, sports, agri-food industry, research, and teaching.

The BNS is based on the Guide of the Nutritionists’ Association regarding nutritionists’ academic training in Portugal. Therefore, upon completion of the degree, the recent graduate must, in order to exercise professional activity, obtain recognition from the Nutritionists’ Association