European Reference Networks (ERNs)

An exceptionally clear illustration of the promotion of quality of health care boosted by an academic medical environment is the recognition by the Ministry of Health of CHULN as a national reference center in 16 areas of medicine and by the European Union as a member of 10 European Reference Networks (ERNs).

The process of integration in these networks is strongly dependent on the combined outcomes of medical education, clinical and basic research and the quality and volume of the medical care provided.

European Reference Networks (ERNs)

As CHULN is one of the main portuguese hospitals, recognized as top institution in social responsibility rankings and a reference hospital for a large part of the country with a record of 3 million patients and 19 million appointments since 2002. CAML is an attractive international partner for the study of rare diseases or specific subgroups (i.e. recent onset) in more frequent diseases. Currently there are 16 reference centers recognized by the Ministry of Health and the affiliation to 10 European Reference Networks (ERNs) of rare diseases.

The engagement in these networks highlights the level of clinical and scientific expertise of the outpatient and inpatient clinics attending these patients, frequently associated with collections of samples at the CAML Biobank and studies at the CIC-CAML.