Robotic & Experimental Surgery Center

An exceptionally clear illustration of the promotion of quality of health care boosted by an academic medical environment is the recognition by the Ministry of Health of CHULN as a national reference center in 16 areas of medicine and by the European Union as a member of 10 European Reference Networks (ERNs).

The process of integration in these networks is strongly dependent on the combined outcomes of medical education, clinical and basic research and the quality and volume of the medical care provided.

The Robotic and Experimental Surgery Center is a new training facility that will become a future flagship project at CAML. The development of the Robotic and Experimental Surgery Center will be relevant for surgical practice and training, for research in novel and technically demanding surgical approaches and for advanced surgical teaching.

Furthermore, surgical approaches in research animals of small to medium size are often needed for basic and physiology-oriented research. This new facility has high potential to increase the training capacity of young residents at CHULN and throughout the country, through practical courses across the country as a promoter of knowledge within the academia and transferred to and from the Industry.