CAML Biobank

Clinical and translational research are becoming increasingly dependent on collaborative networks. At CAML, an interdisciplinary interaction that takes advantage of the distinctive characteristics of each CAML Institution can boost an integrated and competitive clinical research.

The CAML Biobank is a flagship project of the Lisbon Academic Medical Center (CAML).

Biobanks are strategic tools for the development of medicine and translational research. At CAML, the Biobank includes biological samples (from surgery, biopsies, blood samples, and others) which are voluntarily donated with permission for storage and future use in biomedical research. All samples are accompanied by clinical information, a crucial factor for subsequent fundamental, translational and clinical research.

The work developed at the Biobank allows the study of the pathogenesis of multiple diseases with enormous impact on human health (such as neurological diseases, rheumatic disorders and cancer), improving the identification of new prognostic and diagnostic tests and new therapeutic targets. The CAML Biobank is approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee and by the National Commission for Data Protection.

Our vision is that the CAML Biobank significantly contributes for the promotion of health and well-being of the society, having the potential to act as a catalyst for new opportunities of cooperation between national and international researchers, institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.