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Associação para o Desenvolvimento do CAML (ADCAML)

The CAML consortium registered in 2015 a private non profit association, “Association for the Development of CAML” (“Associação para o Desenvolvimento do CAML” – ADCAML) aiming to support CAML operationalization.

To further professionalize the management of CAML and increase the agility of the overall shared operations, aiming at expanding the installed capacity of the pivotal CAML shared facilities, the private non-profit association (ADCAML) was created. ADCAML will directly manage contracts, human resources and operations involved in the execution of CAML projects.

ADCAML activities are to be implemented in perfect coordination with CAML strategic goals. CAML appoints 3 of the 5 members of ADCAML board.

ADCAML Integrated Members: