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CAML is governed by a Board of 3 Directors representing the 3 institutions. On a rotation basis, one of the 3 Directors acts as President for a 3-years term. The 2022-24 CAML’s Presidency will be the responsibility of CHULN.

The CAML consortium, qualified as an external consortium, is formed by 2 public state owned organizations (CHULN, FMUL) and 1 private non-profit institute (IMM). The “Association for the Development of CAML” (“Associação para o Desenvolvimento do CAML” – ADCAML) is a legally constituted private association that executes the administrative, economic and financial operations related to the implementation of CAML Action Plan and Activities.

Lisbon School of Medicine (FMUL)

The Lisbon School of Medicine (FMUL) is a century-old School, integrated in the Universidade de Lisboa, whose excellence and prestige are nationally and internationally recognized, earning it the Gold Medal for Outstanding Services of the Ministry of Health in 2015. Promoting an academic curriculum focused on the students, their self-learning capacity and individual responsibility, as structuring elements for a professional career based on lifelong learning, the Lisbon School of Medicine is strongly committed to increasing exposure to the practical reality of contemporary, outpatient and hospital Medicine, right from the beginning of the Courses.

FMUL has a part of its space shared with Hospital de Santa Maria (mainly large amphitheatres and managing facilities) and 2 dedicated buildings (the Egas Moniz building and the Reynaldo dos Santos building), where research laboratories and several teaching facilities are allocated. FMUL guarantees the training of over 2200 medical students currently registered, 20 nutritionists/year (over 100 nutrition students currently registered), 50 masters/year (>314 ongoing masters) and 35 PhDs/year (>220 ongoing PhDs), combining it with a high scientific productivity.

This activity is made possible by 693 professors, 30 investigators and 165 non-teaching employees. Lisbon School of Medicine means investing in a solid, demanding, prestigious education of recognized quality, always focused on an integrative perspective of knowledge, all of which are key factors for personal and academic development and for exercising the medical profession.

North Lisbon University Hospital Center (CHULN)

The North Lisbon University Hospital Center (CHULN) is one of the main hospitals of the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS), and results from the merge of two important public University Hospitals, Santa Maria Hospital and Pulido Valente Hospital

Together they combine over 1000 beds, 25 000 surgeries and 700 000 outpatient appointments/year. Since 2002, there is record of 3 million patients, 19 million appointments and 57 million exams in this Academic Center.

CHULN has considerable assets in human resources, applied technologies and in accumulated know-how along with the support it renders to the populations from its area of direct influence, and with the guarantee of a differentiated referential response in multiple clinical areas, both national and internationally, including in the Portuguese-speaking African Countries. By the end of 2020, the North Lisbon University Hospital Center had a total of 6.538 professionals, with over 1400 medical doctors, distributed across 11 Clinical Departments and 42 Clinical Units.

Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (iMM)

The iMM – Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes is a leading Portuguese private non-profit research institute that offers a vibrant scientific environment, aiming to nurture innovative ideas in basic, clinical and translational biomedical research.

Created in 2002, iMM has established itself as a leading national and internationally competitive biomedical institute. Its strategy has been defined by promotion of excellence, leveraged by high-quality human resources, increasing expenditure in infrastructures and knowledge transfer to the society. iMM is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits.